الثلاثاء، فبراير 27، 2007

the first step

I have just signed in an empolyment site , but when it came to the point of filling in my c.v , I closed the page.
I know very well that my true problem is in my indecision about what I really want in life. I ve got an inadequate job just because I havent a clear vision . Even when I do pray or wish , always I make such generalizations as :
" Please God , make me find a job that " suits " me & that I can find myself in " , or , " I want such a creative work that can make me wholly involved & absorbed in " , " I want to be in my true place" , " I want to do a distinguish thing in this world " , ------etc, etc.
What this specific work or job would be? there is rarely an answer .
Even when the answer is there, I don't really believe in or work for .

P.S :

it seemed to me that it s better to start solving my own problems first .
And here is the first step : a trial to indicate what it is.

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