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Old Inspiring Horoscopes

5 June 2007

Just because someone pays you a compliment doesn't mean you owe them something. 
Keep reminding yourself what your original intent was, and don't be swayed off your course. 

You have a goal in mind, so get there. 

14 June 2007 

Make choices that sustain your life, rather than engage you in that old 'two steps forward, three steps back' dance. Spur-of-the-moment indulgences leave a sour taste in your mouth -- and an emptiness in your wallet. 

14 June 2007 
Your supple, velvety tact gets you just what you want, and no one notices how forceful you've really been. Seeming agreeability swamps objections and redirects all currents in exactly the direction you desire. 

17 June 2007 

You draw people to you just by being you. Is it your fault that you're practically irresistible? When you're ready to go, there's no stopping you. Now's your time to shine, so take glory in being in the spotlight. 

18 June 2007 
It's time to follow your instincts. Be totally spontaneous. You're a free spirit at heart, which means you're a natural to indulge those wilder impulses. Persuade someone special to come along for the ride. They'll love it.

5 July 2007 
Secretly you want to know what's at the end of the road before you take the first step. The stars say it's not important to know the exact details about the future -- just trust that it will be there. Now start walking! 

20 July 2007 

Like an actor at an audition, your strategy for self-presentation will be as important as experience. Act with confidence and others will trust you. A path will fall open like tall grasses parting onto a vista. 

26 August 2007 

You've reached the end (or maybe the climax) of this chapter of your life, and need to think about what lies ahead. Your ambition won't let you rest for very long, so get busy and see what happens!


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